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New Lebanon Homes for Sale New York RoundNew Lebanon is located in north easternmost Columbia County. More than 2,300 people called it home as of 2010. The town covers 36 square miles and is only 24 miles to Albany.

Hancock Shaker Village began in the late 1780's when nearly 100 believers created a community on land donated by farmers. The Shaker community peaked in population in the 1830's with more than 300 followers and 3,000 acres. 

The 1826 Round Stone Barn was center of a thriving dairy industry. The Hancock Shakers cultivated many acres into medicinal herbs, vegetables, fruits and other crops. They lived a peaceful, hard-working life governed by their own principles. They named their village "City of Peace" and organized themselves into 6 smaller communal groups known as Families for efficiency of work and worship.

New Lebanon Homes for Sale New York DarrowAlso in New Lebanon, the Darrow School is an independent, co-ed college-prep school. It has boarding and day students grades 9-12 and was established 1932. Its New Lebanon campus is a 365-acre property between New York and Massachusetts. It is within the Berkshire cultural region in the Taconic Mountains.

The Abode of the Message is a Universal Sufi community founded in 1975. It is the central residential community of the Inayati order (formerly Sufi Order International). It is a conference and retreat center of esoteric study. The Abode is located in the eastern heights of the Taconic Mountains. It is housed in Shaker buildings built between 1834 and 1870.

New Lebanon Homes for Sale New York InayatiThe Mountain Camp hosts large group events for the Abode and The Inayati Order as well as being a woodland conference center. It is comprised of meeting places, dining pavilions, and shared bathroom and shower facilities for those staying overnight. For more information, visit the Mount Lebanon Shaker Society website.