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Stottville Homes for Sale New York HarrierStottville is a small hamlet in southern Stockport settled in the 1650's. It is 4 miles from Warren Street/Hudson Amtrak with a population of 1,375 in 2010. 

Stottville covers 4.2 acres and some notable locations include Lamphere Dock Post Light and Stottville Fire Department.

Also in Stottville is a Pentecostal Gospel Lighthouse, Holy Family Church, Calvary Assembly of God Church, Trinity United Methodist Church, and Sacred Heart. Our Lady of Mount Carmel Shrine. 

Two-mile Stockport-Greenport Trail connects directly to beautiful Greenport Conservation Area.

Harrier Hill and its vast acreage are protected by the Department of Environmental Conservation.

Stottville Homes for Sale New York CatskillsIt is a true woods walk until seeing the majestic Catskill Mountains. The gravel path from parking to pavilion at Harrier Hill makes access by strollers and wheelchairs easy.

Some say it's the journey through Greenport and Hudson that yields Catskill vistas such as this one. 

Plan your trip to Columbia County and come see for yourself.

Surely you will agree that Hudson Valley is all you need to restore your energy and rejuvenate your spirit.